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A genuine Eva-day.

Visiting Rio Safari Elche is indeed a genuine Eva-day. A day filled with petting and feeding animals. Normally we feed everything from cats and dogs to birds and lizards on daily basis, but feeding large exotic animals is something extra. And yes, you read it right, we do feed lizards. They are actually very fond of soft cat kibble. Generally, we are both passionate about animals, so a day at Rio Safari Elche  is just amazing. The park is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but absolutely worth a visit. 

Feeding donkey Rio safari Elche

Preserving wildlife and more.

Rio Safari Elche is actively working with programs towards the preservation of extinct animal species. They also have a fund, that offers children and young people with physical and mental disabilities, to swim with sea lions.

We were really touched when we watched such a visit from some mentally disabled children, swimming in the sea lions basin. Their enjoyment of the experience was so wonderful that we ended up getting a little wet in the corners of our eyes.

No more tears

Luckily we didn’t have to shed any more tears for the rest of the day. Instead, we strolled around the park, relaxing in the sun, just as the animals did.

It is so nice to visit an animal park, where the animals have such good conditions. Large enclosures and lots of housing and shade. Something that was clearly reflected by the curiosity of the animals. Some of the animals obviously had free entrance to the whole park. At least it seemed so when we met at goat who had left its enclosure, to visit the potbelly who had some super delicious hay. 

We also came close to lemurs, emus, and monkeys, (who knew exactly how to beg for peanuts). Especially the lemurs were super cute. The zookeeper told us not to touch them because they didn’t like it, but when they approach you themselves it is okay right?

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Affectionate giraffes.

When we came to the giraffe enclosure, we were surprised, how close we could get to the beautiful animals. Everywhere else we have been, there have been very tall fences, but in Rio Safari Elche the fence is a much smaller wall. We were looking at a female and her baby when we saw a large male walking towards us. It was really big! All of a sudden he had his head out between us because he had seen we had peanuts. None of us have ever been that close to a giraffe before. Also never fed and petted one! What an experience!

Rio Safari Elche

Rio Safari Elche is yet another one of the non-tourist places, we will recommend visiting. The entrance fee is not super expensive, and it is easy to spend a whole day there. 

Besides walking around on your own, there are also several educational shows daily. With eagles, parrots, ferrets, etc. It is pretty exciting to see the eagles flying among the audience until the falconer calls them back to eat a mouse.

Don’t miss out on Rio Safari Elche. One of the best animal parks, we have ever visited.

– Text and photos: Eva // Adding, photos and photo editing: Malthe

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  1. Chris and Peter says:

    Some info about the link in your email. It doesn’t work, as I just wrote in my comment on Càceres. I checked again and noticed a search box on the page that I was directed to from the email link. When I wrote Elche in that search box I was directed to the right page with all your beautiful animal photos.
    Visiting that park would be a Chris day too 😉

    1. Eva og Malthe says:

      We actually went back a second time, because we liked the park so much. And will not say no to visit it again.
      If you ever go to Gran Canaria, we can also recommend Cocodrilo Park there. It’s a park for rescued and seized animals (smugglers in airports etc) and it’s also amazing.
      We just love animals.

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