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Pisa. And more.

Hugging loved ones. In may we went home to Denmark, to say hello, to all of those we really miss back home. Mr. Hymer, the caravan, is not welcome in Denmark (due to not being taxed in Denmark), so we left him in a very secure parking facility in Schönefeldt, Germany. From there we took…

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Lechbruck am See

Just another campsite? The most beautiful campsite we have been to so far has been in Luxembourg. But that was until we checked in at Via Claudia Camping in Lechbruck am See. Sometimes we just end up in places, where we are blown away by beauty and atmosphere, and that was the case here. Lots…

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Back to where we started.

Chasing new locks. In our last post, we talked about the break-in in France and how we were rushing to Germany. We were hoping, that it would be easier to change doors and locks there (Hymer is a German brand and we actually speak German). It should prove that this was not the case. We…

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Campingplatz Bürgel

Childhood memories. Campingplatz Bürgel is the essence of the childhood memories of camping. This means that everything from the scents in the showers to the umbrellas in the common areas is 100% authentic. The site has received poor reviews from several visitors online, but it must be because some people confuse camping with spa stays….