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Our goal for staying at a real campsite this evening was electricity, so we used the filter option on our Camper Contact app and found Área el jardin del viajero in Purias, Lorca.

It had no reviews at all in the app and we joked a little about this while driving in the darkness, following the app’s directions. Maybe there was nothing at all at the address? It turned out that it was a brand new place that had just opened two months before, hence the lack of reviews.

Purias Lorca campsite
Opening hours Purias Lorca campsite

Space for 65 motorhomes

We were greeted by the owner, a super kind Spanish guy, who told us that he had just opened two months earlier (October 2022) and that he was building up the place little by little. Sure the plot was still a bit rough, but it absolutely has great potential and there’s no doubt that this will be a great campsite before the summer arrives.

The essentials are already here:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Electricity
  • Discharge grey water
  • Discharge black water
  • Clean water
  • Small bar
  • Restaurant next door
  • Outdoor area with tables and chairs
  • Open all year
Showers Purias campsite
Shower Purias campsite

It's super cheap

We don’t know if the price will stay the same, but for now (December 2022) the price is absolutely great!

  • Overnight stay 5€
  • Electricity 3€
  • Grey water ? (Free for now)
  • Black water ? (Free for now)
  • Clean water free
  • Wi-Fi free
  • Shower free
Outdoor area Purias Lorca campsite
Maps Purias Lorca

Extra bonuses

Motorhomes up to 12 meters are welcome and there are no limitations on how long you can stay at the campsite.

When we were there the owner even came knocking at our door asking if we needed something from the supermarket, since he was going there anyway. What a great service!

We’ll be back to support this place in Purias, Lorca for sure. It has a good thing going on and will evolve into something great as long as the customers keep coming. So please spread the word and stop by to support a small business.

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