Our go-to when it comes to meal supplements are absolutely Naan bread. This recipe is also one we’ve perfected over time, to make it easy and RV friendly, so whether you’re living in an RV too, have a small kitchen, or just like to make delicious food with little effort, this recipe is for you. We’ve even added two extra interpretations of the traditional Naan Bread at the end of this post.

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Naan bread

3 dl of water
1 satchel of dry yeast (7g)
5 tablespoons olive oil
500 grams of wheat flour
½ teaspoon of salt
Oil for cooking

Mix everything but flour in a bowl. Add flour little by little and knead the dough either in the bowl or on the table. Remember: The secret to delicious bread is not adding too much flour! The dough has to be soft without sticking to your hands. If you add too much flour, the bread will end up being dry when baked. You need to feel the dough instead of using a specific amount of flour.

Let the well-kneaded dough rest in the bowl at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Knead the dough again and part it into 8 pieces. Make a flat bread either by hand or with a rolling pin, from the first part of the dough, and heat the oil in a frying pan after that. There must be around 1cm of oil in the frying pan for each piece of bread (They suck up a bit of oil while cooking, so make sure to add more).

Bake the bread in the frying pan for about 1½-2 minutes on each side, until beautifully brown. The dough will create various sizes of bubbles while cooking and that’s normal. If the bubbles are too big, let the air out of them by poking a hole in them.

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While cooking each bread, spend the time rolling out the next. You get the best result if you do it one at a time because they tend to stick to the table if you roll them all out at once. Also, we don’t have kitchen counter space for rolling out all of them.

When done, leave the Naan bread on a piece of kitchen towel to remove the excess oil and season with some of the following: Sprinkled with sea salt (our favorite), painted with garlic oil, sprinkled with curry, smoked paprika, or spice of your choice.

If you’re more of a visual cook you should check out our Naan bread video on YouTube.

Eat the bread right away with everything from pasta or rice to soup or stew. Since we’re only two people in our RV, we usually part the dough in two and save one part in a freezer bag in the refrigerator for the next day (or the day after). That makes it even easier to make a quick supplement for our dinner. Keep an eye on the bag and poke a hole in it when it begins to rise, so you don’t end up with a dough explosion! (Yes, we’ve tried that!)

Naan bread pizza

Mix tomato puré with pizza spices (oregano, paprika, garlic, etc)in a small bowl. Prepare some pizza topping of your choice such as fried sausage, leftover meat, tuna, shrimp, vegetables, or whatever you like.

Bake the Naan bread as shown above and when you flip the bread over, gently add tomato sauce, topping, and cheese to the already baked side. Make sure not to drop the topping in the oil. This is a quick and easy way to make a snack for guests or a meal for yourself.

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You can experiment even further with the Naan bread and create your signature bread too. As long as you stick to the water-yeast-flour ratio. You can easily exchange some of the wheat flour with healthier flour or all of it with a gluten-free flour mix. You can also add a little shredded carrot or potato to the dough to make it juicier and give it a different taste.

One of our favorites, when we have a bit of a sweet tooth, is to hold back on the salt and add sugar and cinnamon to the dough. Instead of oil we then use butter in the frying pan and eat the bread with Nutella or jam. It’s so yummy and great as a sweet snack.

Bonus tip!

The first challenge in an RV kitchen is the lack of space, but secondly, there are also a lot of cracks and corners that you can get dough and flour into while kneading. That’s why we’ve bought a piece of vinyl (like the one you use as a tablecloth) to put on the kitchen counter when we’re making Naan bread and such. The vinyl is easy to clean after shaking excess flour off outside and can easily be folded and put away in the cupboard without taking up a lot of space.

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