A large part of our everyday life consists of overnight stays at cheap or free campsites. Not only to save money but also because we’re not really the traditional campsite type of people.

Most of the time we simply stay in nature or at a parking lot somewhere, but sometimes we need a little extra. That extra is normally a real shower or a hook-up to electricity. 

Cheap or free campsites are everywhere

There are several apps for finding cheap or free campsites and the one we use is called CamperContact. It allows us to search in the area that we’re currently in or in a specific area/town we’ll be arriving to. We can use the filters so it meets the needs we have, such as price, electricity, shower, water discharge etc and we’re also able to see pictures and read reviews from other people who have stayed there.

Cheap or free campsites are everywhere, which has come as a surprise to us. Some countries even have a law stating that each municipality must have a space especially dedicated to motorhomes. This is great for us and for all the other travelers out there.

The app is free to download and use, but we pay a little each year to have the pro version that allows us to use its full potential. Check out the extra pro features and the price right here.

Please follow the rules

This goes for the unwritten ones too, no matter how annoying you might find them.

When we’re spending the night outside dedicated motorhome areas we call it freecamping. We often hear or see discussions in e.g Facebook Groups, where people become really rigid about signage and official rules versus unwritten rules. To us it’s pretty clear: We don’t want to stay where we’re not wanted, law or no law.

An example could be a sign on a beach that shows that caravans are not allowed. Some motorhome owners state that this means that they’re allowed to be there, because they don’t have a caravan, but in our opinion a sign like that simply means that nobody is allowed to stay overnight on that beach. As we say, there are plenty of cheap or free campsites, so why would we want to irritate the locals? The consequence could end up being that freecamping will be banned everywhere. This is a kind reminder to be and act nice when you’re saving money.

Coming soon

Soon we’ll be posting our favorite cheap or free campsites in this section. So stay tuned.

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