It might come as a surprise that even travelers feel stuck sometimes. That their surroundings don’t inspire them enough and they really can’t find inspiration to do what they’re also supposed to do. In our case write blog posts. But it happens… When it does it’s time to bring out the big guns and seek inspiration!

Covid-19 and moving boxes

In October we went back home to Denmark because we had made a huge decision. We had decided to sell the last thing (besides friends and family) that tied us to Denmark: Our apartment. After all, we had rented it out the past few years and the last tenant caused us a lot of problems. And to be honest, none of us actually wanted to move back and live in Copenhagen with a 9-5 job.

Our life in moving boxes

Due to the Covid-19 situation and not knowing where we would live after selling, it might seem like a crazy decision, but it felt like the right thing to do. For those of you who know what kind of people we are, you also know that gut feelings are a huge part of our life. The apartment was sold in a jiffy and on December 15th it had a new owner! So now what?
New world fashion

Traveling had become extremely difficult because of all the restrictions in Europe, so our plans to explore abandoned villages in Italy, visit northern Portugal and maybe enjoy a few more Greek beaches were put to rest. But then an amazing opportunity opened up.

The static caravan

In the summer of 2020, we were on the morning show Good Morning Denmark (Go’ Morgen Danmark) to tell our story of getting off the hamster wheel and beginning a life of traveling fulltime. It was super exciting and afterward, we had an overwhelmingly huge and positive response to our lifestyle.

If you want to see a clip from the interview, click here.

One of the people who contacted us was a Danish woman called Lena, who is living on the south coast of Spain. She told us that if we were ever in the area, we should stop by and say hi. And so we did!

Lena lives on a quiet mountain top with an amazing view over the Mediterranean ocean. The plot of land is owned by an old man in Denmark, who bought it in the ’80s, and now Lena takes care of his house while he’s not there.

After drinking coffee with Lena she showed us the land and in the corner of it stood a big old static caravan. How cool was that! One thing lead to another and all of a sudden the old man had agreed to let us stay in the caravan while riding off the Corona storm. We were (and are) thrilled to be here. The weather is great, we’ve made a garden with everything from watermelons to colorful flowers, and compared to our Hymer RV the caravan is huge!

How it looked before we cleaned and painted it

But our work is to write blog posts and articles. Test gear and restaurants. Explore hidden gems and take beautiful pictures. And we’re stuck here in this beautiful oasis! We have no travel inspiration. No new and amazing places we’ve been to. No inspirational words for you guys. Or do we?

Malthe drove all our essentials from Denmark to Spain alone

You’re here for the traveling part right?

That means you don’t care about watermelons and an old man buying land in the ’80s! That’s why we dived into the pool of inspiration that the internet holds. The one thing that always makes us go: “Yeah that’s like the time when we…” and we’re back on track! Because we do have a lot of places we haven’t written about yet. Places that will amaze you and places that will inspire you to follow our footsteps…

Inspiration is everywhere if you just look
Yes, there’s a lot of inspiration out there
Book of Dreams advert banner

Who is in the pool of inspiration?

  • Troels Kløvedal must be the biggest inspiration of them all and has been for decades. This Danish author writes about his life, his family, his childhood and youth, and of course about his fantastic travels around the world as captain of the boat Nordkaperen. His adventures, his observations, and his humble approach to everything he has seen makes you feel that you’re right there beside him. Unfortunately, he died in 2018 from an incurable disease, but his last book “All my mornings on earth” is like a beautiful manifesto of all he has experienced. Sadly no one has translated his books from Danish (yet). But since we’re Danes his books always give us the travel inspiration we need.
  • The Radio Vagabond is a guy from Denmark that (like us) sold everything and began traveling fulltime 4 years ago. Palle Bo creates super inspirational podcasts from around the globe, talking to a lot of people, and does so in a non-formal way, that sucks you right into the area he’s in. He doesn’t necessarily paint a beautiful picture of the places he goes. He also talks about the difficulties and obstacles he comes across. The places he visits, the people he talks to, and the atmosphere he puts into his podcasts really makes you want to go places though because he also conveys the atmosphere itself wherever he goes. Actually, we were lucky enough to meet him in person a few weeks ago, for a chat about our life too. Who knows, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to be on his podcast too someday (wink-wink).
  • Nomadic Matt (of course). The guy who has been traveling all over the world for the past 15 years as cheap as he can. He has a ton of great blog posts on destinations, travel tips, and great how-to guides. Matt is an experienced traveler and somewhat a guru when it comes to the life of digital nomads and therefore also really inspiring.
  • Home is where I park is a danish woman who despite chronic disease has decided to get the most out of life. For a long time, she was living in a big tent far away from everything (kudos to her, because it gets cold in the winter in Denmark!) but about a year back she bought an RV instead. She is writing humbly and openhearted about the wonders she comes across and is a big fan of nature. Besides that, she also cooks the most amazing meals on her Omnia stovetop oven (we MUST get one of those!) and right now she is working on an Omnia cookbook. She is truly inspirational, her pictures are beautiful, her thoughts are profound and her cooking is yummy!
  • And then there’s Lærke * Callum & Philippa * Sis & Frida * Mille * Suzy & David and all the others. They also inspire us with their travel and life stories on Instagram and Facebook.
Quote of inspiration
I’ve had this note of inspiration with me for years

The inspiration is back

After spending a few days virtually with these guys we’ve got our Mojo back. Lots of new blog posts are in the making. How does this sound?: Bucket list adventures, Just say yes, 4-day road trip, and Funny stories. Those are a few of the ideas that came to us when we pulled ourselves out of the Covid19 haze and sought inspiration. Despite restrictions and limitations, there’s still a ton of stories to pass on.

We’ve forgot to tell the story about Avenger our camper-kitten! One more for the blog

Until then, why don’t you read our review of the great little restaurant Mesón La Troya? Or visit the people above to get inspired too?


– Text, photos and photo editing: Eva // Photos : Malthe

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