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Mesón La Troya, Spain

Amazing little restaurant We found Mesón La Troya, because we for the first time ever, took a small road trip solely based on recommendations from our Spanish friends. The trip took place in the mid-west of Spain and one of the places we were recommended to visit, was this restaurant in Trujillo. It’s been a…

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The Spanish stud

One thing leads to another We first visited Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo and the Spanish stud back in 2018 and since then we have been back several times. Also in the nearby village called Fuente Obejuna. Often we refer to it as “at the stud” and since we love that place so much, it really deserves its own…

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Alicante, home of the white coast

Alicante, the province and the city Alicante was one of the places we had pinned on Google Maps, as a must-see. The whole province was supposed to be filled with sights and things to explore. Especially the esplanade in the city was supposed to be magnificent. And the rumors were true. We could easily have…

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In the middle of the Corona Virus

Okay to write about Corona? I’ve felt this blog post coming for a few days but been unsure if it was okay to write about the Corona Virus. After all, people are dying, losing their jobs and many live in fear. Is it okay to write about something, that is not all joy? I’ve decided…