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Big changes comming up.

We are Danes. We have always been blogging in Danish. But that’s about to change. Or as you can see, it already has.

Since we are getting more and more followers from outside Denmark, we began to consider writing in English, and here we are, doing it. Hopefully you’ll just love it.

Get to know us.

For those of you, who don’t know us, here’s a short summary.

We are Eva and Malthe from Copenhagen, Denmark. For years we had been dreaming of travelling much more than we already did, and one day we looked at each other and said “Let’s DO it”. So we put our house up for sale and bought an elderly Hymer B544 RV. On April 7th 2018 we got married (check it out here) and on April 9th 2018 we started our adventure. So we are actually still on our Honeymoon.

We have 3 grown-up children back home in Denmark, along with a lot of other friends and family, who we love dearly. Sometimes it’s hard to not be around them, but we manage by phone or various digital platforms.

Malthe is a carpenter by profession and have had his own business for more than 15 years. His skills often come in handy, when modifications on the RV has to be done, or when we meet someone on our way who need a door fixed, in exchange for a meal or a good conversation. He is fond of history, movies, good food and so much more. Malthe is doing most of the photo editing on our blog.

Eva has been a manager for more than 15 years. Besides that she is an accountant assistant and has taken a class in digital marketing. Those skills are used every day on Facebook, Instagram, the blog, Pinterest etc. She is fond of making jewelry from stones, seashells and other things from nature and hope to have a web-shop up and running soon. Eva is doing most of the writing on the blog.

www.evaogmalthe.dk Promotion of the Danes.

Why so serious?

We love to have fun and laugh a lot. Life around us is rarely boring. Besides always having small to-do-projects, we like to go exploring, take funny pictures or walk around in a castle from the middle ages, imagining how life was back then. All while joking and having the mindset of a child. Of course we can be serious too, but not too much. It causes wrinkles.

We are also fond of trying out new gadgets and using them in our daily life. Drones, diving masks, cameras and RV gear, are some of the things we enjoy to test and use. Sometimes we write reviews or make a video about these things.

Furthermore we like the term “Il dolce far niente”. The sweetness of doing nothing. Just sitting on a café, enjoying a cup of coffee and do nothing but being in the moment. Or in a ray of sunshine. Or on a bench by the beach. Anywhere that soothes the soul.

Follow our journey.

So, if you want to follow our journey, seek inspiration, ask questions etc., we are more than happy to have you here. You see the comment-box below? We just looooove comments. We are also more than happy to answer whatever questions or proposals you may have.

Our old posts will remain in Danish, but from now on, we are here in English.

Stay tuned.

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See you there. Hugs from us.

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