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Palmi, a small town in Southern Italy.

We stayed in the small Italian town Palmi for a few days. There are some really great beaches there. Clear water and not so many people. We stayed at a cozy little campsite outside town called Summerland. Palmi doesn’t offer many shopping possibilities and we ended up running out of food. Across the road from the campsite there was a Pizzeria named Ristorante L’AngoloVerde and we decided to go there. Who can’t eat Italian Pizza?

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More than just a Pizzaria.

Entering the Pizzeria, was like walking through the closet-door into Narnia! From the outside AngoloVerde looks pretty simple, but the waiter greeted us at the door and lead us into a non-expected beautiful garden. Full of small lawns, cozy dining areas, white statues and an atmosphere we didn’t see coming. On our way, we passed the indoor dining area and it looked just as cozy. It even had a small stage, with instruments. We imagine that indoor dining is like a show on special occasions, such as weekends.

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We broke the dinner-law

We were the only ones in the restaurant, since we broke the unwritten rule of late dining. Normally we eat like the locals around 8-9pm, but that day, we might have skipped lunch or something. We were hungry. Early. That meant that we had the waiter’s full attention. The place doesn’t have a menu. Instead the waiter asks, what kind of food you are into. Then he pinpoints your likes and dislikes and come up with suggestions. How cool is that! And it was not just another pizzaria. All sorts of pasta, fish and vegan meals, could be prepared. A big surprising “Mama mia” left his lips though, when he found out, that Malthe doesn’t like warm cheese, cooked vegetables, fish or shellfish. But he promised to make a good meal anyway.

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The wine.

We got caught by the mood, and decided to buy a bottle of wine, instead of the beer we usually order. Again we were pleasantly surprised. A big bottle of whitewine in a wine-cooler, was placed infront of us. No label, since it was a local wine. Oh my, it tasted good. Light and fresh, with a hint of sparkle on the tounge. We actually ended up drinking the whole bottle, even though it contained 1 litre.

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Formidable food.

The food was amazing. Fresh from the kitchen. Malthe got a spaghetti bolognaise with plenty of meat and bacon and I got a pasta dish with shrimp, eggplant and cherry tomatoes. They absolutely fulfilled our wishes. The servings were just perfect too. Not too small, not too big. Just the right size for dessert and coffee also. While we were eating, more people began to show up. Mostly local families, but also couples and friends hanging out.

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The dessert

The only pre-made thing was the dessert. But it didn’t matter. It was a ball of ice, filled with liquid chocolate and rolled in bits of pistachios. Along with the coffee and the last glass of wine, it was just perfect. We ended up talking about, how nice it was, to be surprised this way. We expected pizza, but got so much more. The price for a couple of hours dining and enjoying life, was 45 Euro. (340 DKR or 50 USD). Absolutely value for the money.

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Don’t miss out.

If you are in the Palmi area, don’t hesitate to visit Ristorante L’AngoloVerde. We absolutely recommend it.


– Text and photo editing: Eva

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