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Good restaurants | Recommendations | Spain

Mesón La Troya, Spain

Amazing little restaurant We found Mesón La Troya, because we for the first time ever, took a small road trip solely based on recommendations from our Spanish friends. The trip took place in the mid-west of Spain and one of the places we were recommended to visit, was this restaurant in Trujillo. It’s been a…

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It’s the right place…. …. if you want to connect with us 1:1. And we love having you here. Question about a destination? The best thing you can do is, to write a comment under the destination’s blogpost. That way, we’re on the same page and other readers can get some answers too. If (for…

Good restaurants | Italy | Recommendations

Ristorante L’AngoloVerde

Palmi, a small town in Southern Italy. We stayed in the small Italian town Palmi for a few days. There are some really great beaches there. Clear water and not so many people. We stayed at a cozy little campsite outside town called Summerland. Palmi doesn’t offer many shopping possibilities and we ended up running…

Destinations | Good restaurants | Recommendations | Spain

Beautiful city of Cordoba

Following a recommendation. We had been told by several people, to visit Cordoba and so we did. The city is one of Spain’s oldest cities and was founded long before Roman times. Its historic center is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and one can certainly understand that. Cordoba has so much to offer. Some of…