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The best steaks

The world’s best steaks are served at Papi’s Grill in Gran Canaria. That’s how it is! We got to know the restaurant by chance and have been back several times since. The staff is friendly, the decor is tasteful and there is even a live grand piano for playing gentle dinner-music. And the food is a chapter in itself.

Never disappointing

Papi’s Grill never lets you down. The steaks are large, affordable, and extremely well prepared. The kitchen is visible from the restaurant and the delicious meat hangs so you can see it and choose exactly what you want. The pepper sauce is formidable and the portions are so big, that you don’t leave hungry.

The price range

You can get a great delicious, tender steak with gravy and various varieties of potatoes for about 15 Euro, which is definitely value for money. You even get a small glass of local honey rum on the house when you ask for the bill.

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Ron Miel

Ron Miel is a rum with honey, made in Gran Canaria, and a treat to finish the meal with. Sweet, soft, and with no trace of alcohol taste, as rum might otherwise have. Yes, in fact, at our last visit we ended up buying one of the house bottles because their brand was not available in the stores in the area.

Don’t miss out

If you are in Gran Canaria you should not cheat yourself for a trip to Papi’s grill. We are meat lovers and can say with certainty that we have never had such good steaks anywhere else.


– Text: Eva. Supplement, caption and image editing: Malthe

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