Mesón La Troya Spain

Amazing little restaurant

We found Mesón La Troya, because we for the first time ever, took a small road trip solely based on recommendations from our Spanish friends. The trip took place in the mid-west of Spain and one of the places we were recommended to visit, was this restaurant in Trujillo. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a great meal!

The restaurant is a little hidden at the beautiful old town square, but once you find it you will never forget where it is. We’ve tried to give you directions in this video.

Follow the red arrow and you’ll find it

Four courses

The menu tells you, that you’ll get 3 courses and wine/water/soft drink for just €16, but since the free starter is as big as a regular meal, we’ll say that you get four courses. You can order a large variety of meals from the menu, but this is what we chose.

The starter was a delicious “Tortilla de patatas” (Spanish potato omelet) with a simple salad and fresh bread. Not just a small piece of omelet, but a whole one. Already from the first bite, we knew our friends were right. This place was yummy!

First course

I felt a little bold when ordering the first course, so I went for wild asparagus with cheese sauce. Normally I don’t really eat asparagus, but something told me that the combination with cheese would be great. And I was right! It was fantastic.

Never mind the strange look on Malthe’s face. It has nothing to do with the food. He simply forgot to tell the waiter, that he didn’t want cheese on his Bolognese. AND the picture was taken after he removed the cheese.

Second course

As the main course we ordered Oxtail stew. We have extremely good experience with Spanish stews. Most of the time they taste like love and lots of time. And we weren’t disappointed.

Tender meat, well chosen spices, red pepper and pieces of potatoes mixed to perfection. And there was enough food on the dish. Actually we were just about full at this time. But we had one more course to go.


For dessert, we could choose some classic Spanish “Postres”, but we just had those a few days earlier, so we decided on fruit and ice cream instead.

In my opinion, fruit is the best way to end a good meal, but Malthe doesn’t really think fruit is dessert. Again we had nothing bad to say about what we were served. The huge piece of melon was sweet and just perfect and the ice cream was neatly arranged in a waffle bowl with chocolate sauce.

Normally we would have had coffee too, but we simply couldn’t find the space in our stomachs. We had had more than enough and found it would be better to walk a little and have the coffee at home afterwards.

The service

The waiters at Mesón La Troya are super attentive and professional. Without pretending that the restaurant is more than it is. It’s a small restaurant with a beautiful view in a little town, but these people really know how to cook and make the guests feel welcome.

If you are ever in the area, don’t miss out. Mesón La Troya is absolutely worth eating at. All in all great food, great service, and great prices.


– Text, photos and photo editing: Eva // Photos : Malthe

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