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The other day I spoke to a very dear family member and he said these words to me: This is the beginning of WW3 you know! and even though he sometimes is a bit dramatic when it comes to predictions, he’s somewhat right about this one.

Frugal sustainability

His words came from us talking about a small piece of land that my mother owns. He was thinking about beginning to grow crops there (beans he said)because people are becoming poorer and poorer, and I can’t argue against that.

We see it every day while traveling and actually we’ve seen it all over Europe for the past 4 years. Luckily for our countrymen in Denmark, they haven’t really felt it until now though because the poverty hasn’t been so outspoken as e.g. southern Europe. Or maybe Danes are more prone to turn a blind eye to things that don’t feel nice?

But does this really mean WW3 then? In some sense it does I think. Not necessarily with bombs and guns, but the world stands in front of a giant shift, where either “the working man” loses or he wins. But how can we win?

By doing exactly what planting beans is the essence of: By taking back our freedom and begin living way more frugally and sustainable than we’ve been doing for the past 30 years.

Yes, this blog post might be a little deeper than just us traveling, but 2023 is a new year, right? A new year most often brings changes and deeper thoughts from us might be one of those changes.

Beans for blog post is this the end

A huge change for some

For some, making big life changes and cutting back will definitely feel like WW3 and the Great Depression, because they’re going to lose the wealth they’ve built their life around. All the stuff they’ve bought to make them happy and show proof of their success.

Let’s face it, it’s not going to be possible to keep up with that kind of lifestyle for most people, with the inflation going on. There’s not going to be money for new cars all the time (or unlimited gasoline) new phones every six months or even going out for dinner or buying to-go coffee at the local coffee shop. Basic needs such as housing are already becoming a problem for many.

As it is now, we’ve already seen lots of people, also with children, move into their cars, vans, or really old motorhomes, because they can’t afford to live in the homes they used to have. 

They are clearly struggling with learning to live the life we’ve been enjoying for almost 5 years now because they’ve moved out of their home due to need rather than because of a lifelong dream.

But what is wealth really?

Are our homes (made of bricks and concrete) really a sign of wealth and happiness or is it just something we were taught to believe, because it has become the norm? Could this crisis be an opportunity to change the norms?

Gary Vee says in one of his videos (probably in several of them) that owning a house is very often ridiculous! A huge part of Americans own houses so big, that they have rooms they don’t use! The same goes for Danes and a lot of people in wealthier countries too.

Obviously house-owners will argue against this, but having rooms for guests, rooms used as walk-in closets or extra rooms for the children to play in, don’t count as “using” the rooms. That kind of use is something that has been invented because the basic needs were already covered and there were still spare rooms left. Sure they are good to have, but the basic needs are: Eating, sleeping, and socializing. Kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

How do we know this?

When we put up our house for sale in 2018, we realized that after the kids had moved out we had spent years paying mortgage on a house with seven rooms. We were two people and we literally had rooms we only entered when we had to vacuum the floor. What’s the use in having a fully furnished guest room that’s used once or twice a year? 

Isn’t that the kind of crazy luxury that we should stop paying for? We weren’t happier because we had that kind of extra rooms and it surely didn’t make us feel wealthy.

That’s Gary Vee’s point, that we should add value to our life instead  of just spending money on stupid things that basically give us nothing at all. Why not sell that house with the extra rooms and become debt free? Or rent a smaller apartment and free some money for the things that bring real value.

The keyword here is free which leads to freedom that again leads to no one owning you. Not the bank, not the politicians and not even your boss, because you no longer need all the money you used to so you don’t have to put up with things that you don’t deserve.

For us, becoming debt free was an amazing feeling and even though we had a life of freedom and traveling in front of us, the feeling of not having the bank own us, was a feeling of freedom we didn’t see coming. After all, we had been living with the norms about what the “right” life was our whole life too. I guarantee you, that it’s not owning a house, two cars, four TV”s and a subscription to the right gym.

WW3 Politician

Freeing your mind

When you all of a sudden have the kind of freedom where nobody owns you, your mind is also free to do whatever sets your soul on fire. To make a living out of your passion!

If your passion is to cook, then cook! Open up a take-away business from your kitchen, write cookbooks, make YouTube videos or whatever rocks your boat. You shouldn’t necessarily open a restaurant (because it’s the norm) because your passion probably isn’t employees and bank meetings. Your passion is cooking, so stick with that instead of aiming for scaling from the beginning.

Your passion can also be computers, knitting, writing songs or something completely different and when you’re free to evolve your passion and come up with a way to make a living from it, you automatically become happy. And isn’t happy what we all want to be?

An extra bonus is, that happy people are harder to control than people living in fear from everything they hear on the news or the doomsday predictions that the politicians preach. Happy people have the ability to separate right from wrong instead of always looking at the glass as half empty. They also have positivity enough to help other people gain success and all of a sudden it’s a whole movement of happy, free and self-thinking people. Wouldn’t that be great?

Where do the beans come in?

When we sold everything and bought our motorhome, we discovered an extra bonus aside from freedom: We learned to appreciate the small things more. Both because our minds are now more open and not full of worries and plans, but also because we don’t have access to everything at once now due to the lack of space in our home on wheels. 

We’ve learned to appreciate homecooked meals with fresh ingredients because we now have the time to cook, pick up groceries in small stores and go to the market to find special spices and vegetables. We’ve learned to appreciate meeting new people and hearing their stories, because we’re no longer tied up in norms and how everyone is “supposed” to live. We’ve even learned to appreciate a long warm bath in a way we never imagined, because hot water (and water in general) no longer is something that just flows out of the faucet without us filling up our water tank.

This newfound appreciation means that we spend way fewer resources and money  than before, save the environment from a lot of overuse and have scaled our dreams of “The perfect life” down to something that’s actually within reach. And here come the beans!

Our dream

Our dream is to one day run a small campsite for motorhomes. A simple and cheap but super cozy one with lots of flowers and trees, benefitting the bees and insects, that again would benefit us. We want a small garden where we grow fruit and vegetables, also beans, that can be sold at the campsite at reasonable prices. Trading with people in the neighborhood will also be an option. Potatoes for meat, beans for oranges and such.

We’ll also let the locals sell their goods at our campsite, so our guests can buy honey, olive oil, jam and handcrafted items in a small store that we’ll make to support the small business owners, just as we’ll make deals with the local bakeries, butchers and farmers to come to our campsite a few times a week or daily to sell their products.

Once the place is up and running we can hire a temp once in a while, to look after the place, so we can travel some more in our motorhome. We’re not at all done with traveling and this will be a great way to balance work and vacation. We will be able to feed our passion for both traveling and helping other people to be as happy as we are. This will be the perfect life for us.

We are happy

That's how we win WW3

I read this morning, that only 3% of all the money in the US is real money that you can hold in your hand. The last 97% is debt, meaning money that only exists inside computers. Like a mortgage that basically is you loaning some money that you never see, from a bank that pretends to have the money, that you digitally give to someone to physically get a home.

When you think about it it’s crazy and super vulnerable, right? What’s even crazier is, that you work your butt off in a job you might not even like, to pay back virtual money that doesn’t even really exist.

WW3 is here due to a collapse of the virtual economy and the only way we can win, is by putting our foot down and say: Enough is enough! Do whatever makes us happy and stop being held down by virtual money, stuff we don’t need and old norms about what happiness is supposed to look like.

I'm NOT a conspiracy theorist

I don’t believe in Covid microchips, Lizard People, Illuminati or that there are no birds, but for the past 5 years I’ve felt the freedom of not living by the norms and this has opened my eyes to a lot of things.

I’ve woken up happy and I’ve been able to fill my days with things that I find interesting and make sense in my life. Furthermore, this has given me the energy to be there for other people, accept differences and see through BS. Who would have thought this would come from living out a dream?

Yes, we still have a lot of responsibilities but these are towards the people we care for and ourselves now. Not some bank owner or politician that we’ve never even met. When we sold everything and began traveling, we took life into our own hands and that’s a feeling everyone deserves to try.

Are you ready or not?

We’ll never look down on people who are comfortable with norms and living the way they’re supposed to, because we strongly believe in free will. But we’re here to help you if you’re ready to break free.

In 2022 we created a Masterclass, taking the students from A to Z, sharing all the solutions to overcome the hurdles of starting a new life as a traveler, based on what we’ve learned in the process ourselves.

The experts say: Don’t lower the price of a great product due to some people’s lack of funds, but we’ve decided to break that norm too! Not only have we lowered the price from 199€ to 79€ on the 14-step Masterclass, but we’ve also put all of our Masterclass videos on YouTube to watch for free. And why have we done this?

First of all because we want as many as possible to live out their dreams and break free from the norm of course. Secondly we want everybody to see that our Masterclass isn’t a scam, even though it’s the first of its kind.

There’s too much scam out there, made by people taking money for stuff you already know, but that’s not us. Our mission is to bring real value to your life.

Thirdly we want even more people to join this new World Order, where regular people take their lives back and do what makes them happy! The numbers are rising as we speak and digital nomads, location independent workers, minimalists and adventurers are a growing movement and we want you on board too.

End WW3

You can sign up for the Masterclass now and begin your new life today.

Or you can start off by watching our free YouTube videos and decide after that.

Let’s end this economical WW3 by taking our freedom back. I bet you’ve been shaking your head at the whole situation a lot too lately, right? Join the movement by taking charge of your own life now.

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  1. Marianne Jensen says:

    I think it’s a fine Description of what, as I guess, you are struggling with just now. It tastes a little bit of the Stoicism and I think it’s a useful philosophy. It sounds as a really good idea to start an AC-place with all the opportunities you describe. I am sure there will be a lot of guests in such a place – We will visit it for sure. Such a place should have its own logo on Park for night and Camper-contact.
    I am looking forward to follow, how you are going from dreamer to doer on that journey.
    Best Wishes Marianne

    1. Eva og Malthe says:

      You’ve got it right. I have no problem with some earning more as long as we don’t exploid each other, as we unfortunately see now.
      The whole world is struggling. Not just us. And we all need to find a better way to live, human-wise and nature-wise.
      The clever ones will survive this 😉

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