Seeing the world.

We met each other in 2003 and besides a whole lotta love, traveling has always been a passion of ours. The small Greek island Skiathos was our first destination together and since that, we have traveled as much as possible. The dream about traveling full time, or living somewhere sunny began early when we realized that holidays to Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, England, France, etc. just didn’t feel like enough.

travelling passion and tandem parachute www.evaogmalthe.dk
Tandem parachute at Skiathos.
Beach buggy www.evaogmalthe.dk
We are huge fans of driving Beach Buggys.

Taking the leap

We have 3 children and in 2017, they had all left home and founded life of their own. We realized, that now we were only living for the adventure. Or what we could squeeze in between work, paying bills, eating, and sleeping. We often escaped in long dreamy talks, about leaving our everyday life and go on an adventure. One night we looked at each other and decided to actually do it! Sell the house and go traveling. It was a wild decision, but it also felt 100% right. So we shined up the house and put it up for sale. 

Our children www.evaogmalthe.dk
Sandra, Susan & Jeanette

A crazy descision.

People are telling us, that we have made a crazy decision. That we are doing, what others are only dreaming about. Some have even told us, that it isn’t just something one does. And to be honest, we also had a lot of speculations and fears. Mostly about leaving our loved ones. Our children, our parents, and our friends. It wasn’t an easy decision. On the other hand, when we looked into the crystal ball, we saw a life full of Danish rainy weather, everyday life with no sparks, and boredom that would slowly kill us. None of us had the urge to be 80 years old and only be able to tell tales of taxes and how many hours per week we had been working. Telling exciting and funny stories about our adventures suits us better. We are grown-up children, hedonists, and adventurers, and we are born to explore. Luckily our closest friends and family also know that. That made the decision a little easier.

travelling passion and Loving animals www.evaogmalthe.dk
Animals are a big part of our life.
travelling passion and Wildcats www.evaogmalthe.dk
There’s always time to care for wild cats.

Buying a new home.

That day we decided to sell the house, we also decided to buy a new one on wheels. We are too comfortable to go backpacking and staying in one place also didn’t suit us. So we decided on a camper and living the van life. None of us had ever tried sleeping as much as one night in a camper, but it felt right anyway. After some (a lot!!) of searching, we found our perfect match in Frausenstein, Germany at Niese Caravan Center. Our new home, our beloved Hymer B544. And on April 9th, 2018 we began our adventure. 2 days after our wedding, so technically we are still on our honeymoon.

travelling passion and  B544 www.evaogmalthe.dk
Our fantastic home on wheels.

We are hedonists.

Our travel is without a strict route. We have no time limit. We have no rules. We are mostly traveling towards the sun, and we enjoy all the wonders we meet on our way. Places, landscapes, people, animals, cities, and adventure. We take it all in, along with good food, great coffee, and a lot of relaxing. Hippie style, just the way we love it. 

Bathing www.evaogmalthe.dk
We love swimming and diving in the ocean.
travelling passion and Having fun www.evaogmalthe.dk
Having fun is one of our favorite hobbies.

Will we ever stop?

That’s a question we often get. We don’t know actually. As it looks now, we hope to be able to travel a lot longer. We are not ready for settling down and go back to the old treadmill again. There is still much more to see and explore. So for now we are travelers.

travelling passion and Selfies www.evaogmalthe.dk
Trying to take a selfie.

– Text: Eva. Adding, captures and photo editing: Malthe


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  1. Charlotte says:

    Elsker jeres historie og jeres drøm den passer så godt på jer 2 knuser her fra

    1. Eva og Malthe says:

      Tusind tak Charlotte
      Ja vi er nok ikke skabt til at stå stille Vi har lidt for meget krudt bag i
      Tak fordi du følger med og begejstres. Det betyder rigtigt meget for os ❤
      Knus herfra

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