Europa rundt med

Our very first blog post.

Blogging is hard and we actually thought about deleting this very first blog post instead of translating it into English. But we decided to keep it, as a reminder of how long way we have come. Technically, but also mindset wise. Here, two years later, so much has changed. Back then we forgot to really enjoy the little things in life. We were eager to move on, and in a way, we were still living the stressful life, we tried to escape from. Luckily we have learned to take it easy and enjoy everything around us now.

Here it goes:

Its a bit hard to begin blogging, when you forget your laptops in Denmark. Yes, we did that! But they are on the way with GLS, along with the very essential toolbox. Well, it’s not easy to remember everything, when you decide to elope and become full-time travelers 2 days after your wedding. Yes, we did that too! A wedding that, by the way, is only just sinking in now. So much love in one place was amazing. We enjoyed our guests, the food, the mood, and not least each other. And now we are husband and wife. Who would have thought so?

Check out our awesome wedding photos here.

A hectic beginning.

The past 4 days have been a bit hectic but in a great way. Monday we picked up Hymer in Berlin, Tuesday we picked up our belongings in Rostock. Malthe’s parents brought them on the trailer and when we looked at all the boxes, we were sure we couldn’t fit it in the caravan. But we actually succeeded, even with very limited cabin and storeroom space. The next two days we spent purchasing everything from TV and satellite to detergent and a cutting board. Everything had to be small, lightweight, and adapted to 12V, and it’s not much gear like that we have been able to bring from Denmark. But fortunately, stuff like that is cheap in Germany.

Eating in Germany.

Besides the joy of building a new home, we have already seen and experienced a lot. Among other things, we have come across a German specialty called “Rollbrot”. The essence of this bread is that everything can be rolled into the dough, along with some cheese. We’ve seen them with both vegetables, ham, and sausages. Such a bread weighs around 400 grams, tastes fine, and can easily cover several meals due to the satiety. Let’s be honest and say that it was only me who tasted it. Malthe is not a huge fan of cheese. On the food front, the Germans are a bit too “heavy” for us. (Addition from Malthe: No they aren’t. It’s just because you don’t like curry-wurst). Often the food is also a little special. For example, a small flute with a whole marinated herring inside is sold outside most hardware stores. Not tested and it won’t be. Or maybe it will. Some day.

Great Coffee.

However, we clearly recommend drinking coffee at McDonald’s. Yep, you read that right! McCafé makes super coffee, served in real cups, with a little chocolate or biscuit next to it. Can definitely be recommended.

Europa rundt med

Strange weather.

The weather has been quite changing. One day 20-25 degrees Celsius in Berlin, the next day it rained heavily in Rostock, and then it was nice and warm in Mühlenfließ. Our plan is to chase the sun, so when the sun broke through the clouds in Frankfurt, we knew we were on the right track.

Europa rundt med
Europa rundt med

Waiting in Frankfurt.

Our laptops will arrive in Frankfurt and so does 3 action cameras we have ordered from MediaMarkt, our new favorite electronics store. Can’t wait to shoot some cool videos with them. In general, we look forward to having everything in order in the camper, so we can really start traveling. However, we have to wait for GLS for the next 4 days in Frankfurt.

A few days later.

Our package with laptops and toolbox had arrived, but we were still waiting for our cameras. Frankfurt is in many ways a fascinating and nice city, but it is limited to how much it has to offer, seen with our eyes. We are not particularly interested in things like traditional art and culture, which is a huge part of Frankfurt. However, it was a huge bonus that the weather was fantastic. 22-25 degrees and a very light breeze. Exactly as we like it.

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We had spent the past 3 days at Campingplatz Offenbach-Bürgel. It has not received super good reviews on the web by anyone, but sometimes you wonder what people want when they go camping? Spa and wellness? At least we thought the campsite was exactly as a campground should be.

Europa rundt med
Europa rundt med

Read our review of the campsite here

And join us in Frankfurt here

Green zones.

Right now (18/4-18) we are parked at a small parking lot close to the station. Malthe has to take the train to MediaMarkt when the cameras arrive. The shop is in a green zone where the camper is not allowed to drive. These kinds of environmental zones are found all over Europe, but fortunately, we can keep track of them with the app Green-zones.

Europa rundt med

We ended the day with a cop of coffee in our personalized coffee cups, that we got at our wedding. Along with a Baileys of course.

– Text: Eva. Adding, captures and photo editing: Malthe

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