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The Spanish stud

One thing leads to another We first visited Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo and the Spanish stud back in 2018 and since then we have been back several times. Also in the nearby village called Fuente Obejuna. Often we refer to it as “at the stud” and since we love that place so much, it really deserves its own…

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It’s the right place…. …. if you want to connect with us 1:1. And we love having you here. Question about a destination? The best thing you can do is, to write a comment under the destination’s blogpost. That way, we’re on the same page and other readers can get some answers too. If (for…

Animals | Destinations | Recommendations | Spain

Rio Safari Elche

A genuine Eva-day. Visiting Rio Safari Elche is indeed a genuine Eva-day. A day filled with petting and feeding animals. Normally we feed everything from cats and dogs to birds and lizards on daily basis, but feeding large exotic animals is something extra. And yes, you read it right, we do feed lizards. They are…