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Even though we’re documenting and talking about our full-time RV journey on both Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog, our 2023 focus is YouTube. We do love writing words inhere and we do love documenting our everyday life on Instagram, but we also have great fun making movies.

Are you a YouTube subscriber?

We have a lot of different kinds of videos on YouTube channel. Everything from the amazing places we’ve been to short videos from our daily life. 

We also have videos with great tips & tricks along with facts and history we learn along the way. One thing we find important in these videos is, that these are YouTube videos shown as we see it, meaning you get to see the real world as it is. No filters in video and speech. What we show is our life and all the things we’re amazed, thoughtful, surprised, and happy about.

We’d love it if you’d subscribe to our channel and we’d also love to answer all the questions and comments you might have. Maybe you’re wondering about something specific that the YouTube video doesn’t cover or maybe you have additional knowledge you want to share.

All of that is welcome in the comments on YouTube, because we really like to interact with our followers (and that’s not just something we say. We really like spending time with our virtual family).

Drumroll... For our Danish followers

We’ve had some requests lately about a Danish YouTube channel and since we’re good listeners we’ve created the channel Eva og Malthe DK all in Danish, our native language.

Or rather this is mainly Malthe’s channel, where he’ll be posting a lot about upgrades, repairs, destinations, and fun stuff.

If you’re not Danish and want to follow this YouTube channel too, you still have the option to add captions of course.

Show us some love on YouTube

Supporting us on YouTube is super easy. And it’s 100% free. All you have to do is to head on over to our English and/or Danish channel and hit that subscribe button. If you click the bell too, you’ll even get a notification when we post something new.

We promise you that it won’t be boring.

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