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5 tips before you start RV living

So, you’ve decided that the Recreational Vehicle (RV) living is for you? That’s great! You must love both freedom and adventure then. But be prepared. Once you have tasted RV life, it’ll be hard to go back. Here are some essential tips to get you started. 1. Chose your RV The most important thing is…

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In the middle of the Corona Virus

Okay to write about Corona? I’ve felt this blog post coming for a few days but been unsure if it was okay to write about the Corona Virus. After all, people are dying, losing their jobs and many live in fear. Is it okay to write about something, that is not all joy? I’ve decided…

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5 tips to a better holiday

We all want value for money, when we go on holiday right? We want to feel, like this was the best holiday ever when we return home and we want to have stories to tell for years. But how do you get that extra value, without paying more? This guide gives you 5 essential tips,…

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A new era

Big changes comming up. We are Danes. We have always been blogging in Danish. But that’s about to change. Or as you can see, it already has. Since we are getting more and more followers from outside Denmark, we began to consider writing in English, and here we are, doing it. Hopefully you’ll just love…