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No good at Social Media?

(All the Social Media content in this post is in Danish, but I work in English too of course)

For many business owners, the presence on Social Media is a necessary evil, which often results in postings that do nothing to the bottom line anyway.

This feels (and is) 100% waste of time and effort.

This is where I come into the picture, because I can help you create posts and graphics that get noticed.

Kind regards from Eva

Interacting with your customers

These 3 pictures are the same except for the brand colors. They say:

New employee in customer support. Say Hi to Caroline. She’s ready to help you mon-fri 8-15“.

We could also write: “Call Caroline today. New customers get a 10% discount for the rest of the week“. This way a customer who is considering shopping with your company will have a deadline for a good offer.

Example of a interaction post on Social Media

When your followers comment: “Hi Caroline” you get reactions to your post, which tricks the Social Media algorithm into showing your post to people who don’t already follow you.

In addition, you also get to introduce your new employee, so your customers are not surprised by the new voice on the phone. In general, it gives a better relationship to your company if customers and potential customers get to see the face of the people they are going to buy from. 

You even get to slip your opening hours into a post like this too.

As you can see, the colors can be changed so that they fit into your logo colors or the colors of your website, but you can also choose to run your Facebook, Instagram, etc. in its very own color theme or style.

We’ll find out what fits you when you contact me. I’m all up for everything from creating a style you’ve seen and like to any “crazy” idea you might have.

Choose your expression on Social Media

Example of a douce theme for Social Media

If you would like your expression to be clean, subdued and calm, your colors can be incorporated in smaller details on the posts like you see here.

For example, the yellow frame and the design on the label could be consistent on all your posts, so that your company will be thought of as soon as that design appears anywhere on Social Media.

Get the message out... always

If you don’t have a product that can or should be photographed, clean graphics also work really well. In this example, I have used some strong colors, but the colors are up to you, or we can figure it out together.

The pictures say:

Tired of bookkeeping? Let’s help you. Basic book keeping 1875 Dkr/Month + tax. Up to XXX posts. Call 23456789 for a meeting. + web address.

Find your Social Media business style

Example 1 of a Social Media post from same design

Colors and style can change the look of a post 100%, as seen here. The basic setup of the three posts is the same, but colors and elements make them look like three completely different posts.

You can therefore also choose that the setup of all posts must be the same, but that content and colors are what make them different.

Example 2 of a Social Media post from same design
Example 3 of a Social Media post from same design

Make your customers family

Here I have used a bit of humor, a day at the office and a success story.

This builds a relationship with the customers and makes them feel special and involved.

Or they can engage in a bit of “trouble” as in this Osso Buco advertisement saying:

The boss is finally on vacation. Let’s celebrate with one free Osso Buco to the first 15 customers buying for minimum 250 KR

Example of a humorous post for on Social Media
Example of a success post for on Social Media

Today has been yet another great day at the office, with nice customers and exciting tasks. Thank you for you. (Of course we’re celebrating with cake)

This morning the server at Vipse’s Bookkeeping broke down. Today at 11.45 Rasmus had it up and running again. With us you’re in safe hands

Anything can become a valuable video

All multi-page posts can also be made as videos.

The advantage of a video is that, especially Instagram, favors video over still images in their new strategy.

Having said that, a scrolling carousel post will provide interaction, which counts well in the Social Media algorithm too.

(Keeping up with trends, changes, rules and algorithms on Social Media can be hard especially if you have a lot of other business to work on. But don’t worry, I will help you).

Postings with pure graphics can of course also be converted to video.

You get the most out of creating graphics posts and posts with photos converted to video if they have three pages or more.

(You probably have a passion for the exact business that you are in, just as my passion is to create graphics for Social Media. Let us both spend time what we are best at).

A video can, for example, also be used to showcase newly arrived items in  a specific collection or seasonal items leading up to an important event such as Christmas, Valentines Day, Labour Day or a local Holiday.

(I have 20 years of experience with retail sales as both manager and head of customer support. The past 5 years I have been working with content creation on Social Media).

Order your favorite format

All posts can be made in different formats to fit Instagram, Facebook, Reels, Stories, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

The Social Media postings you see here are just examples and of course images, video and text must be replaced with what is relevant for your company.

Since it is completely new that I offer to make postings for others, I do it for a small price of 10 pieces of graphics for 65€ (plus VAT).

It is also possible for me to write the text for the posts (incl. hashtags) for an additional price, so all you have to do is post them.

Let’s talk about a good price if you have an all inclusive order for me.

This Reel/TikTok post says:

Lisa’s Dance Studio. Did you know that more than half of all Danes can’t dance? Which half are you? #learntodance

Contact me

Please fill in the form below with a brief description of your task and I will get back to you to get more information.

Let me help you, so you can focus on the job that you are good at.

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