Preciosa & Galiano horse-hair bracelet

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  • Stripe


This beautiful Horse-hair bracelet is handcrafted from the mane of the Spanish purebred horses Preciosa & Galiano. It’s a unique piece of jewelry, and there’s only ONE of these in the whole world! The beauty and elegance of the light colors from Galiano mixed with the black mane of Preciosa AND the beautiful lock can’t be found elsewhere. Made with precision and care, this bracelet is a true symbol of love for horses. Elevate your style with this one-of-a-kind Horse-hair bracelet, a timeless accessory that will surely turn heads wherever you go. Experience the essence of Spanish craftsmanship with every wear. Order it today and make a statement with this stunning bracelet from the beautiful Spanish stud that has become one of our favorite places to visit.

You can read more about these happy horses on their website.



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