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Live as campers do.

Willingly limited. “Everyone should live as campers”. That’s a phrase we’ve said to each other often, in the past 23 months. And what do we mean by that? Well, not that all people should travelling like us (or maybe they should try that too?), but that everyone should try and live by the limitations, of…

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It’s the right place…. …. if you want to connect with us 1:1. And we love having you here. Question about a destination? The best thing you can do is, to write a comment under the destination’s blogpost. That way, we’re on the same page and other readers can get some answers too. If (for…

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Good restaurants | Italy | Recommendations

Ristorante L’AngoloVerde

Palmi, a small town in Southern Italy. We stayed in the small Italian town Palmi for a few days. There are some really great beaches there. Clear water and not so many people. We stayed at a cozy little campsite outside town called Summerland. Palmi doesn’t offer many shopping possibilities and we ended up running…

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Destinations | Greece

Roadtrip to Greece

The origin of our travelling lust. It all started in Greece many years ago, so ofcourse we were excited to go there in our Hymer. Our first holiday together was in Greece and after that, we have been there several times by airplane, as ordinary tourists. But freecamping in Greece turned out to be almost…

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